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Creating an Effective Direct Mail Campaign

At Krause Creative, we’re always trying new, creative ideas for our clients’ direct mail campaigns. Creating the right message is important and attracting your reader’s attention with a simple and single-minded message will create interest that will elaborate on the benefits of your offer. Make sure you generate a desire and concentrate on how your reader will benefit from taking up the offer. You also need a call to action and give a deadline, but keep it simple and minimize buzzwords.

1. Send a personal message. Too often business owners insert their usual brochures into envelopes and hope for the best. Make your mailing piece as personal as you can and avoid the common white envelope so often used for business mailings.

2. Communicate a benefit. Recipients want a reward for opening your mail. That reward should be a clearly defined message that expresses a tangible customer benefit. Offer a free 30-minute first-time consultation or introduce a new product or service. Enclose a coupon or offer free estimates on service. You need a clearly defined offer if your mailing is to draw customers.

3. Create urgency. You can increase your direct mail success tremendously by adding a sense of urgency to every mailing. Without a sense of urgency, recipients most likely park your mailing on the shelf or in the trash.

4. Provide sufficient information. Direct mail gives you enough space to fully describe your offer. You can go into detail, really selling and building rapport and getting your message told completely. Direct mail also gives you the opportunity to remind customers about your additional products and services.

5. Address a target audience. Direct mail possesses the unique ability to zero in on a specific group of people. So whom do you target first? Your best prospects are by far are people who already buy from you. You can zero in on specific incomes, married people, and single people, even people with children. Mailing list brokers will help you select the best list.

6. Mail frequently. A single direct mail piece is soon forgotten. Wait too long between mailings, and customers move on to other suppliers. The secret is to maintain a regular schedule of mailings. Some consultants advise mailing to current customers every six weeks.

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