Krause Creative

AAF Book Cover & Interior Design

Client: Arizona Antelope Foundation
hardcover/softcover/wrap  |  6” x 9”  |  interior: black & white  |  192 pgs.  |  cmyk

Challenge: This book seeks to educate the public about pronghorns and serves as an advocate for the benefit of Arizona’s pronghorn. The objective was to entice the pronghorn fan to pick up the book.

Solution: Keeping the cover simple, the client hired an illustrator for the cover and did a superb job. Note the details on its coat and horns. The color palate was chosen from the illustration. Using the Paperback font for the cover and interior, the typography was an easy read. On the inside, intense tables, maps and charts were assembled along with photo retouching. Krause Creative spearheaded the print management team which included working with pre-press, printer, laminator and the book binder. A softcover and hardcover version was produced along with a wrap for the hardcover. Clean and simple, the book is a great read and you can judge a book by its cover.


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