Krause Creative

AGFD Proposal Cover & Interior

Client: Arizona Game and Fish Department
proposal  |  8.5” x 11”  |  interior: 154 pgs.  |  cmyk

Challenge: Working with the Arizona Invasive Species Advisory Council committee, the objective was to come up with a management plan that would be proposed to the governor and the state of Arizona. The proposal detailed the problems, solutions and implementations on how the state would fight invasive species.

Solution: Organizing the proposal was vital, so we composed it into seven sections which were color coded, this helped the reader with finding information. It included intensive tables, charts and photos which made it visually arresting for the reader for such a boring topic. With copy and photos supplied, I worked with a number of committee members to accomplish this. The size was 8.5” x 11” with no bleeds which made printing more affordable. With minor revisions, the proposal made it to the governors desk and was well received.


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