Krause Creative

3W Companies Brochure

Client: 3W Companies
brochure  |  30” x 15”  |  12 panel accordion-fold  | cmyk

Challenge: 3W, an award-winning company was looking to wow it’s clients. Something memorable and extraordinary, that would leave an impression.

Solution: This was the perfect opportunity for an over-sized brochure. One that couldn’t be tucked away in your desk. Utilizing an accordion-fold, the brochure could stand up on its own; very impressive on a coffee table. Limited photos, very little copy and lots of white space were applied to keep the design simple. Less is more, but bigger is better. On the inside, a spot color silver and a double hit of black contrasted very nicely. For direct mailing, a custom black envelope was designed that could be mailed to prospects. The client was very pleased and his clients and prospects were very impressed. Wow!



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