Krause Creative

Solmonte Hospitality Identity

Client: Solmonte Hospitality
identity package  |  letterhead  |  #10 envelope  |  business card  |  thank you card  |  cmyk

Challenge: Solmonte Hospitality, a meeting planning service company approached Krause Creative seeking a new identity for their company. “Solmonte” means sun in Spanish and mountain in Italian. So the goal of creating something unique, rather than the obvious was the key.

Solution: The idea of the art of hospitality came to mind. The client was a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright, he was famous for his organic architecture and stained glass designs. Using a stained glass motif, we came up with a design that was based on a grid of vertical and horizontal lines and used the three primary colors, green yellow and red. After going through a number of versions and simplifying the design, it became a colorful, classy mark that reflected a casual elegance of Solmonte Hospitality.



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