Krause Creative

AGFD Gila Monster Poster

Client: Arizona Game and Fish Department
informational  |  36” x 24”  |  cmyk

Challenge: To produce a poster about Gila Monsters that would be both informational and graphically appealing. The poster would tell the story about the mysteries and myths of Gila Monsters.

Solution: The idea of having larger than life Gila Monsters was a great way to get the readers attention. The supplied photos were cutout to make like they were crawling on the poster. The smaller illustrations with captions were put in boxes to organize the space and also frame the copy in the center. This way your eye was forced to read the copy starting from the headline and work your way down. Earthtone colors were selected and a bright, red header was a great way to pop the title. Thus, the Gila Monsters and the red header became the center of interest. The poster turned out great and the client loved it.


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